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Comic Shadow Custom Order


Remember that man cave we were talking about? You know those old movie posters you have laying around, just rolled up and held closed with a rubber band? What about that old band poster you got in high school of The Who, because you thought listening to old music would make you cool? Well now there’s a solution for those posters you think will never be dealt with. The Comic’s Shadow can turn those old posters into shadowboxes.

Comic’s Shadow can turn any old cover or poster into a shadowbox! Comic’s Shadow takes custom orders, and in 30 to 60 days, your forgotten old poster can become a masterpiece, just like the comic books, and fulfill its destiny in existence.

You’ll be able to put these posters up right next to those comic book shadowboxes on your walls of your man cave next to that 70” 4K TV. And let the questions and jealousy role in when your buddies notice it’s not only 3D comic book covers on that wall.

Richard Jennings uses the same careful and cautious method in his custom orders as he does with the comic book covers and posters he finds himself. You can rest assured knowing the best product is going to come from his tedious hand-crafting method. There’s no project that will scare away Richard.

You can trust that Richard will take care of your custom orders. Whether it’s a comic book, a movie poster, a video game cover, Comic’s Shadow is the place to come to. So, we’re glad to see you here.

Look around, go through a mental inventory of those boxes you haven’t looked through since the day you packed up for college, and think hard about what you really want to see what Blade II poster come to be. Ryan Reynolds doesn’t like to be messed with. Have you seen Deadpool? Don’t let that Apollo 13 poster stay 2D. Even space is 3D.

It’s the perfect gift for the movie lover or musician. Being able to hang something on the wall that they’ll be able to cherish forever. Something more than just the poster itself. The jaw-dropping quality of the Comic’s Shadow technique is engrained in your brain forever, just after you get that first glance of the finished product. And sure, if you want to carry it to the concert and hope that you’ll be able to get the band to sign it, go for it! Who knows what your chances really are?

So, don’t think that $9.65 you spent on that poster will go to waste when you just rolled up that poster and put it away in your closet. Take the time to visit www.comicshadow.com, like you are not, and contact Comic’s Shadow for a quote on a custom order. You won’t regret the wait when you see the masterpiece your poster has become.

Remember, whether it’s a poster, a comic book cover, or a video game cover, Comic’s Shadow is there for your custom orders when you need them most.

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