//Looking for Christmas Gifts? Check out our Comic Book items ranging in price from $20.00 to $300.00!

Looking for Christmas Gifts? Check out our Comic Book items ranging in price from $20.00 to $300.00!

Do you need that perfect Christmas gift for your superhero loving friend? Do your kids go batty for cool comic books? What if there was somewhere you could find 3D COMIC BOOK COVERS?! LOOK NO FURTHER! Here at The Comic’s Shadow, that’s what we do. Taking your personal favorite comic book covers and constructing them by hand to be 3D models of themselves.

Richard Jennings takes his sweet time to locate each comic book cover. Then, after the tedious searching, Richard designs the 3D shadowbox, and identifies what portions of the comic book he wants to raise or lower to give the 3D look. Following his design, he carefully and cautiously trims the comic book to his design specifications, raising Superman closer to the glass of the shadowbox and Doomsday further away from the glass.

The time and effort Richard puts into this product does not go unnoticed. With one glance of these shadowboxes, you will be captured. The incredible interpretation of the story within that comic comes to life, and you can literally see the story from a different angle!

Available here on www.comicshadow.com and in person at many DFW comic conventions, these jaw-dropping shadowboxes are the perfect gift for the nephew, a souvenir for a John or Jane Hancock from your favorite superhero actor or actress, or the perfect finish to that mancave you said you were start about eight months ago, but never got to because you were too busy buying the posters, game systems, and pool table.

If that isn’t enough, go ahead and pick up a few comic book character coasters. Superheroes are there to save the day, why not have a couple save your drink? You wouldn’t want that nice wood to be tarnished, would you? Fits great in stockings!

Pick up all your comic book shadowbox gifts, souvenirs, and man cave accessories here at The Comic Shadow.

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